A Misfit's Reflection on the World Around Him and Something About Beer.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Still Drinking Beer. (and maybe even posting about it once in awhile)

So Good.
With a return to a semblance of calm and reasonable workloads (and finally replacing the computer that crashed) I can come back and play around here with a few words and pictures. I am looking back at some of my older posts and realizing that I have not been the best at writing or presenting my ideas. Some of the postings aren't as thoroughly informative as I would like. Some of the posts have too much of a faux edginess in their voice that just sounds awkwardly juvenile. My apologies.

I will probably go back and cull a lot of material from this blog and edit (or just write updated versions of) several posts so that they are better at providing the information I feel is relevant. Possibly, they may end up less annoying to read as well.

That is it today. I have several Gigabytes of data to transfer from old hard drives and other domestic responsibilities to knock out of the way before night two of "ZOMpire: The Undead Film Festival".